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  • Is spray tanning safe?
    Lots of people ask us 'is spray tanning safe?' And the simple answer is yes! Spray tannings is the easiest and healthiest way to achieve a healthy glow without exposing your skin to harmful UVB rays. Ditch the sunbed and get a tan that is instant, healthy and safe for your skin.
  • How do I prepare for my tan?
    Exfoliate your skin with a sugar scrub and exfoliating glove. Doing this 24 hours prior to your tan allows your tan to stick to your skin. Ensure you have no products on your skin such as moisturiser and perfume as this can impact the tan application.
  • What should I wear?
    Most people try to wear as little as possible to avoid tan lines. You may however feel more comfortable in a bikini or one of our disposable thongs. Whichever you feel most comfortable with.
  • What about the mess!
    Because our service is mobile, you may be worried about the mess! But do not worry! We will bring a spray tan tent to your home which will avoid any stains to your furniture.
  • What shall I wear after my Tan?
    We want to protect and preserve your tan so, you can wear dark floaty clothing. Nothing too tight, we also recommend wearing flip-flops to avoid the tan rubbing off your feet!
  • Can I tan through a spray tan?
    Yes! You can! However, please remember that our spray tans offer no UV barriers against the suns harmful rays. Remember to use sufficient sun protection as you can still burn through your tan!
  • Can I wear makeup?
    We advise that you avoid wearing make up after your spray tan as the oils in your foundation can cause uneven patches. Once your tan is developed, you can then continue to wear makeup.
  • How can I make my tan last longer?
    You should keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. After a shower, dab yourself clean, try not to rub yourself with a towel. Moisturise to retain in the skin and keep that tan glowing! Use an oil-free moisturiser as oil and break down and remove the tan. Gentle exfoliation can keep the tan looking even. If you notice pale areas, you can top up your tan with fake tan lotion until your next appointment!
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The secret is out

Arrange your summer glow all year round with a spray tan from Gliss Beauty. Get in touch with us today to book your professional spray tan in West London.

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