From £240

What is it?

Our dermal fillers mimic the bodies naturally occurring hyaluronic acid making it one of the safest procedures available. 

We work with our clients to create the perfect pout. By carefully looking at shape, fullness and balance we are able to produce a desired effect. 

What will happen?

After an initial consultation where we listen and advice on the best outcome for the individual a numbing cream is applied to the lips and surrounding area. Once this has taken effect the chosen filler is injected to the lips. The product is gently massaged to ensure even distribution of the filler. 

There may be swelling which will subside within a few days, we ask clients to wait two weeks for the full effect of the results to settle. 

If there are any questions you may have before or after we respond quickly and offer an after procedure consultation. No question is too small.

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