Chin and Jaw Enhancement

From £250

What is it?

With latest advances in dermal filler techniques we are able to address a wider range of complaints and concerns for our clients.

Chin: In certain cases the chin may seem small or 'weak' when compared to the features of the face and overall distribution. We work with our clients to understand if the chin needs to be extended in a certain direction or to simply be elongated. By doing so the space between the nose, lip and chin is proportioned and the general appearance of the face aligned. 

Jaw: When a person jaw line seems to be undefined it can create a soft or 'weak' look to the face. By injecting filler to certain areas of the jaw line an attractive and strong shape is created which transforms most faces. Jaw line filler also creates a youthful look as sagging skin around the jaw area can be corrected as it would by a lift.

What should I expect?

Once the desired look has been carefully assessed numbing cream is applied and filler is injected to pre decided areas on the chin and jaw. There may be slight swelling however these will be slight and subside after a week.